Holy Spirit, the third person of Trinity

Many times, the Holy Spirit is misunderstood. Sadly, many do not comprehend the term spirit, and hence have a confused understanding of the invisible spiritual realm. Lucifer is Satan who is a fallen archangel. Along with him few angels also joined and were cast out of Heaven. These fallen angels are known as Evil spirits or demons.
Satan: In the Garden of Eden, Satan disguised himself as a serpent. (Genesis 3:14-15) When the demon-possessed man was healed the demonic spirits asked permission from the Lord to enter the pigs, and two thousand pigs were drowned. (Mark 5:13)
Jinn: In many stories from the Middle East world, Jinn is a Phantom that could be contained in a bottle by some magician. These jinn when released by someone becomes a slave, and has enormous power to help the new master to get all material things and even harm enemies.
Black magic: There are also reports that people who practice divination or black magic could imprison demonic spirits in things like a lemon or a broom.
Misinterpretation: With this cultural understanding, many read the Bible and interpret the Holy Spirit. There are many bad examples in today’s preaching. For example, the hair of Samson, the staff of Moses, the sling of David…. etc., contain the Holy Spirit. This is absurd.
The Holy Spirit: The third person of the Trinity is the Holy Spirit, and has all attributes of God: Holiness, righteousness, sovereign authority, almighty…etc. Without knowing his Majesty, Magnificence, immature believers belittle him and consider him like the fallen angels. The Holy Spirit will never come and indwell unless invited by the individual and continues to be obedient to Him. The Holy Spirit will never possess or indwell in any material objects or animals.
Not equals: Satan is a created being. God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are self-existing Godhead. They create all beings and things. Hence, to equate Satan with God or evil spirit with the Holy Spirit is utter foolishness.
Blasphemy: Lord Jesus warned that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit has dire consequences. (Matthew 12:30)
Do I worship the Triune God in holiness and reverence?