Human rights and Divine rights

There are various debates regarding human rights. However, there is no regard for so-called human rights around the world. Many nations do not treat all their citizens as equal. There are philosophies that regard some as super-human and others as sub-human beings, who should be oppressed, disciplined, tortured, and even eliminated. The world witnessed Holocaust, extermination of Jews. There are religious philosophies that categorize people and treat those at the lowest level as animals. In many cultures, women do not have any rights. Several nations mistreat the immigrants, especially if they are from a particular culture, language or religion. In the Russia-Ukraine war, human rights violation was rampant, though the world is considered as civilized.
Magna Charta: According to some Magna Charta in 1215 gave impetus to human rights that introduced the basic concept of “Rule of Law.” That offered protection from arbitrary prosecution and incarceration. However, many nations have Laws that do not provide such rights and protection. Hence the Rule of Law becomes redundant.
Adam and Eve: When Adam and Eve committed sin, God knew what they had done. Adam and Eve hid themselves from God. They knew they had sinned and would be condemned. Yet, Lord asked to clarify. Both were individually given the opportunity to present their case. (Genesis 3:9-13) God had absolute authority to condemn, but loving God gave humans the right to defend themselves.
City of Refuge: God commanded Moses to provide Cities of Refuge. If a person commits a murder inadvertently (accidently) and not a premediated murder, then that person could run to the Cities of Refuge, where he will be provided shelter, protection, and food, until he had an opportunity to prove that he is innocent. (Numbers 35: 9-15)
Worldview and Human rights: When people believe in evolution, who has authority to give rights? Survival of the Fittest is the Rule of Jungle Law. How will the strong give rights to the weak? It is impossible. Without the biblical worldview of God who gives rights to humans, there are no human rights.
Do I know and love the righteous God of justice?