Humiliations of Christ

Dorothy Sayers, a theologian, writes about God’s three greatest humiliations to redeem humanity. The first humiliation was the Incarnation when God took on the confines of a physical body. The second was the Cross when he suffered the ignominy of death by public execution. The third humiliation is the church.
Cradle: As God created Adam as a full-grown adult, could the Son of God have been dropped as an adult in Israel, specifically at the venue of the Temple at Jerusalem? Yes. But God in His wisdom chose to go through the process of identifying with humans, right from the womb to the (empty) tomb. The Sovereign Son of God being confined to the womb of Mary, was dependent on Mary as He grew, faced poverty, and did hard work as a carpenter until he attained the age of 30. Toddler troubles, adolescent growth pains, teenage turmoil, and young adult temptations in an unfriendly environment were itself the cross he bore.
Cross: The shameful and cursed death is being hung on a tree in the open according to the Law of Moses. Murderers were given such punishment. (Deuteronomy 21:21-23; Galatians 3:13) Paul writes that cross obedience to Father, bearing the wrath of God on behalf of humans, resulted in a shameful death. (Philippians 2:8) Through the fruit of a tree entered Sin into the world, and through a tree (cross) redemption is brought to humanity.
Church: While the first two were historical happenings. The Church is called to be The Bride without blemish. However, throughout history, the church is tainted bringing disrepute to Lord Jesus Christ. First, there is no unity as the church is divided into numerous denominations, many fighting against one another. Second, sin among God’s people as in the Corinthian church, and failing leadership. Instead of demonstrating and modeling holiness, there are several flaws in the church. Third, instead of being a bright shining light to the world, the church is like a flickering candle. Instead of being salt of the earth, saltiness is being lost. Four, sadly many non-Christians choose to love the Lord but hate the church.
Am I a reason for Christ’s humiliation today?