Ingredients of a Prayer of Confession

Nehemiah prayers are an inspiration throughout generations. His short prayers, whispering prayers from the workplace, during travel, and intercession for people are worth studying. Nehemiah identified with his people and prayed for them. People like to give excuses for their sins or even justify their sins. However, godly people confess their sins and intercede for their own people in secret chambers and in public places. The prayer of Nehemiah has three important components. (Nehemiah 1:6-7)
Sinners: All human beings are sinners, not one is an exception. (Romans 3:23) All descendants of Adam and Eve are sinners. Nehemiah acknowledged that he was a sinner and included his fathers and forefathers who were also sinners. In many cultures, the ancestors are held in high esteem and given the status of gods. However, the Bible does not teach that after death, all humans become gods. Sometimes, even wicked people who are dead are exalted as saints or heroes. Nehemiah accepted the reality that all are sinners, including himself.
Corrupt: Nehemiah acknowledged that their choices were corrupt. Their thoughts, reasons, ideas, and worldviews were corrupt. The contemporaries of Noah did not have law and they were corrupt, God judged them. (Genesis 6:11-12) However, Israelites were given the Law through Moses, if they were corrupt, it was by choice. They did not bother to know, listen, meditate, and obey the Law. They were corrupt in their words, relationships, behaviors, and spiritual life. They chose a corrupt mind instead of a renewed mind by following the world, especially other nations around them. (Romans 12:2)
Disobedient: Israelites were stiff-necked or rebellious people. (Exodus 33:3; Acts 7:51) Disobedience is the result of arrogance and pride, that rejects the authority and Lordship of God. They were negligent about the spiritual life, including understanding the Law of Moses. Ignorance of the Law is no excuse. They were foolish or stupid to disregard and reject the Law of God. Or they did not believe there were consequences for not obeying the Law, as God is love.
Do I continue to live by the Fallen nature, choose a Corrupt mindset, and disregard God’s Law?