Resolution and Requirements

People generally have the habit of making New Year’s resolutions and quietly forget after a few days. Even those resolutions should be following His requirements. Daniel resolved in his heart and executed meticulously. (Daniel 1:8) Prophet Malachi gives a list of expectations from the Lord to escape God’s fierce judgment. (Malachi 3:5)
Sorcery: One nation engages an astrologer to read the horoscopes and select the national team for the World Cup. The physical fitness, skills, abilities, mental stamina, and killer instinct are non-consequential. Diviners, Dreamers, demon-possessed sorcerers, and deceptive magicians rule the minds and hearts of people. Those who do not fear God will fear anything and everything. Hence, they will choose their own spirituality that is against God. Do I seek the Lord, His Word, and His people for advice and counsel?
Adultery: The institution of marriage is ridiculed, and mocked and the sacred covenant of marriage is non-existent or nullified. Premarital sex, extra-marital sex, and unnatural sex…are becoming the norm. God hates violence in marriage and divorce. Do I honor my spouse, and the institution of marriage, and shun all evil including pornography?
Lie: People take the name of God and swear to gain credibility and make people trust them. Millions of people are deceived by finance consultants, bankers, and share market controllers. There is a trust deficit everywhere. Does my yes means yes and no means no?
Economic Oppression: The employees and workers are not given wages. Delayed wages are common. Many are underpaid for their services. Instead of middlemen and contractors, some Apps loot skilled workers like taxi drivers, delivery agents, insurance agents, and other field workers. Do I oppress and exploit people under my care or who (drivers, servants, cooks, security personnel…etc.) serve me?
Community oppression: Widows and fatherless are not esteemed, cared for, or helped. Instead, they are oppressed in multiple ways. Do I make such people’s lives easier or hurt them with attitude and words? (James 1:27)
Social oppression: The migrants are also exploited and oppressed. Do I proactively help the migrants?
How are my New Year resolutions aligned with God’s will and expectations?

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