Failed resolutions

Good intentions are not good decisions. Even good decisions are not implemented by many. The New Year resolutions made by millions are buried sooner or later. Very few are implemented. God punished Israel for their continuous sin of idol worship. They were sent to Babylon as slaves for seventy years as predicted by Jeremiah. They returned as Cyrus the Great declared freedom for them to go back and build the temple. Ezra and Nehemiah attempt to bring spiritual and social reforms to Israel. However, they were not successful. People made a covenant with the Lord to get away with ungodly sexual liaisons, buy or sell on the Sabbath, support the work of God with money and offerings, and not neglect the House of God. (Numbers 10:30-39) After ten or twelve years later, they were immersed in the same sin.
Ungodly sexual liaisons: God has forbidden marriage with non-Israelites who could mislead Godly Israelites into idol worship. Balaam, unsuccessful in cursing Israel, seduced Israel men with Moabite women into adultery and idolatry; God punished Israel by sending a plague. (Numbers 31:16) The most intelligent and wise King Solomon departed from following the Lord because of his foreign wives. (I Kings 11:3-4) This Law was not for racial reasons, but spiritual reasons. Ruth a Moabite was accepted in Israel and she became an ancestor of the Messiah. (Matthew 1:5) Again, many in Israel fell to this temptation. (Nehemiah 13:23-31) Intimate relationships with ungodly people are dangerous for the spiritual life.
Commerce on Sabbath: Instead of focusing on God, His Law, worship, and fellowship on the Day of Sabbath, they were involved in doing business. (Nehemiah 13:15-22)
Neglect of House of God: They failed to support the ministry and mission of the Temple of God. (Nehemiah 13:11)
Need for grace: Laws, vows, resolutions, promises, and covenants do not empower a person to overcome sin. Human will or determination is incapable of fulfilling God’s will. God’s Spirit through His grace is necessary to fulfill our vows to the Lord.
Do I depend on God’s grace to fulfill His will?

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