Lucky Tattoos?

There are advertisements for tattoos that bring luck to individuals. Called ‘Lucky Tattoos,’ promises health, prosperity, peace, wealth, power, popularity…etc. Strangely, there are many youngsters, both men and women rushing to get tattooed. But the Bible forbids tattoos. (Leviticus 19:28) Though, Bible scholars indicate the tattoos mentioned are like self-mutilation which is dangerous, or some religious ritual. Witchcraft and sorcery use such tattoos as symbols and even as charms.
Custom: For some, it is a custom. Some prominent families would like to have all their males have a tattoo that identifies them as belonging to such a family. In some dynasties, even women are given the privilege. It is more to flaunt that higher social status.
Commitment: Some spouses like to demonstrate their commitment to tattoo the names. Sometimes only women or men do, other couples do identical tattoos. Sadly, some who end up in divorce find it more difficult to erase the tattoos than the memories. Their commitment is not steady as they are fickle-minded.
Cosmetic: Nowadays, tattoos have become a fashion statement. Celebrities do that, and some fans follow them. They think like jewelry, tattoos also enhance their beauty.
Cause: Some people are committed to some cause like GreenPeace, Campaign against climate change, animal rights, children’s rights…etc. It is to tell others that they live for a cause and that their life has meaning.
Christians: Christians are not called to blindly follow the world, its fashion, and trends. First, Christians ask the question of why it should be done. Second, what is the meaning of this tattoo? If so, is that the priority of life? Or should they have the Kingdom of God and righteousness as the priority of life? (Matthew 6:33) Third, do I believe that the body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit? (I Corinthians 6:19-20) Fourth, do I present my body as a living sacrifice without willful blemish? (Romans 12:2) Five, do I spend my scarce resources like time, energy, and money for such trivia or vanity?
Do I believe in luck or God and His Promises?

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