Rebellion of Korah

Korah was from the tribe of Levi, he was given the responsibility of serving in the Tabernacle, carrying, and caring for the holy articles in the Tabernacle. (Numbers 16) However, he instigated a rebellion against Moses and Aaron.
Small thing: Korah was called by God to serve in the Tabernacle, as he belonged to the tribe of Levi. But he regarded that as a small thing or insignificant thing. Serving the Lord is a great privilege, there is no small job or great job.
No contentment: He was not content with his calling and aspired to be like prominent leaders like Moses and Aaron. Korah desired or aspired to be prominent and popular. God was not his audience for ministry, he thought the congregation was his audience who should applaud him.
Self-appointed: Korah took on himself what was not his call or purpose. Instead of knowing God’s will, he chose to do his own will and desire. Korah disregarded God’s law, and protocol for the people of Israel.
Envious: Korah was envious that Moses and Aaron were prominent among people. A person who received two talents cannot be envious of five talents. Probably, one talented man was disillusioned, envious of the other two, and failed to use his allotted resources. Envy in ministry is dangerous.
Ungodly methods: Korah used ungodly methods to rebel against Moses. First, he accused Moses and Aaron of exalting themselves above the congregation. Second, they gathered two hundred fifty followers and gained the sympathy of the whole congregation. Third, he intimidated Moses and Aaron.
False allegations: Korah colleagues Dathan and Abiram accused Moses of conspiracy to kill people in the wilderness. They lied stating that Egypt was a land of milk and honey, and Moses deceived them to lead them into the wilderness. The truth is Israelites were oppressed and groaned under the tyranny. (Exodus 2:23) For them Moses was an arrogant Prince. Dathan and Abiram refused to come to meet Moses. (Numbers 16:12-14)
Judgment: Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, their colleagues, and family died and another 14700 sympathizers also died.
Do I harbour a rebellious spirit?