Iron Dome

Considered as one of the most advanced defense systems, Iron Dome was developed by Israel. This all-weather defense system uses radar to deduct the missiles, rockets, and other air-borne attacks that are fired into Israel, by intercepting and destroying them. This is military defensive war equipment since 2011. However, Israelite in ancient Israel considered the Ark of the Covenant like the Iron Dome of Modern Israel.

War against Philistine: Eli was the High Priest as well as the Judge at Shiloh. During his time, the spiritual life of the Nation of Israel became worse. Even the sons of Eli were notorious that they neither respected God, nor the sacrifices offered to God at Shiloh. God allowed the Philistines to oppress them. Hence, there was a war against the Philistines.

Strange logic: The elders of Israel were experiencing defeat. They understood that the Ark of Covenant will bring the Power of God into their midst, and they will not be defeated, but saved from enemies. (I Samuel 4:3) The Ark of Covenant, which was placed in the Most Holy Placed will not be seen by anyone, except the High Priest who goes in on the Day of Atonement. Notorious sons of Eli brought it to the waterfront as a defense mechanism.

Defeated: The Philistines were afraid but resolved to fight it out. (I Samuel 4:6-9) The Israelites were defeated, and the Ark of Covenant was captured. Eli’s sons Hophni and Phinehas died in the battle, hearing this Eli also died and Phinehas’ wife delivered a premature baby and died.

Disaster: Philistines placed the Ark of Covenant in their Temple. In the morning they saw Dagon, their god, fall before the Ark. Later the nation experienced plagues so they returned the Ark to Israel. (I Samuel 5)

Blind faith: Israel did not have love or faith in God, as they were disobedient and rebellious. Like Israelites, many Christians use the bible, images of the cross, pendants, and relics… as symbols of protection; instead of taking refuge in His Name. True faith is based on God, His Son, and His Word, not on objects.

Do I have true faith?