Jehoshaphat’s Blunders

Jehoshaphat is a celebrated king for his adventure of faith in war. The frontline of war strategy was his ‘Praise team’. God miraculously gave him victory. (II Chronicles 20: 1-23) Jehoshaphat did not have the courage or guts to say ‘No.’ In other words, he struggled to please God alone, hence he ended up pleasing people.
1) Marriage Alliance: Jehoshaphat allowed his son to get married to Athaliah, daughter of Ahab and Jezebel. Ahab and Jezebel were immersed in sin, sorcery, wickedness and violence. Athaliah also was a wicked influence. Jehoram murdered his six brothers. Later he also died. Athaliah usurped the throne and tried to kill all male descendants, but God protected one. Later Athaliah also was assassinated.
2) Military Alliance: Ahab, the King of Israel, invited Jehoshaphat to join him in his war against Syria. (I Kings 22: II Chronicles 18) Jehoshaphat counsels Ahab to consult the Lord. Reluctant Ahab summons Micaiah son of Imlah. Micaiah states that he saw Israel scattered in the hills like the sheep without a shepherd. (I Kings 22:15-18) Strangely, Jehoshaphat after listening to Micaiah joins in the battle. Without consulting Lord Jehoshaphat declared that he and Ahab were one and so were the people. He publicly identified with wicked Ahab. (II Chronicles 18:3) In the battle Ahab was killed and he escapes miraculously. Prophet Jehu the son of Hanani confronts Jehoshaphat and rebukes him for helping the wicked and love those who hate the Lord. God’s wrath will be upon him. (II Chronicles 19:2-3) Jehoshaphat also associated with Ahab’s successors and had to seek Elisha’s help. God again performs a miracle. (II Kings 3)
3) Merchandise Alliance: Jehoshaphat again attempted to build ships for merchandise in alliance with King Ahaziah of Israel. (I Kings 22:41-50; II Chronicles 20:35-37) Lord warned him Eliezer the son of Dodavah. Jehoshaphat tried make amends, but not allowing Ahaziah’s personnel to sail in the ship along with his servants. However, God judged. The fleet was wrecked, and it was a foolish investment.
Do I please God or please people?