Job’s Confession and repentance

Job went through severe loss in his health, wealth, family, and social status. He is declared as righteous by Ezekiel. (Ezekiel 14:14) Though Job adamantly defended that he was blameless, yet, he repented and confessed. (Job 42:1-6)

1) Power of God: Job said: I know that you can do everything, the almighty God displayed His power in creation. Job failed to reflect on God the creator, as he observed the creation of the world. In addition, the amazing thing is God’s presence comforted Job.

2) Purpose of God: Job confessed that: No purpose of God can be thwarted. God is active in human affairs, history, and God has definite purpose and absolute power to fulfil that harnessing nature and humans. All creation including animals like Behemoth and Leviathan (Job 40 &41) are under his control, accomplishing his purpose.

3) Inadequate knowledge: Job confessed that he spoke that he did not understand or comprehend. Yes, he lamented, was bitter and had an aggressive debate with friends.

4) Too wonderful: Job confessed he did not know God or His power, or purpose. What he knew was inadequate, and with a finite mind he could not comprehend the wonderful God. Job came to a place of contentment in not knowing all things, but just knowing the Lord. Psalmist David also stated this in a similar way. (Psalms 131)

5) Grateful for God’s Presence: Job confessed that in his agony, pain, suffering and loneliness, God was present. But Job failed to realise God’s presence as David asserted in his walk through the valley of death. (Psalms 23:4)

6) Despise himself: Job confessed that he was unworthy, sinner in God’s Holy presence and did not deserve his mercy. Job repented of the terrible curse, desire to die, complaints against and challenges to God, despair, and spoke beyond his knowledge.

7) Demonstrate humility and obedience: Job expressed his humble attitude by sitting in dust and ashes. Job obeyed the Lord’s command to be a priest for his friends, to offer sacrifice and intercede for them.

Do I repent and confess as Job did?