Joseph: Distinct in moral values

It is easy to follow the crowd. Many err by choosing bad role models too. Contemporary trends compel a disciple to compromise Biblical values. Yes, the temptation is strong, but disciples are called to be overcomers.
Reuben failed: Eldest in their family Jacob failed in his moral life. Reuben went and lay with Bilhah who was his stepmother. (Genesis 35:22) This adultery made Jacob reject Reuben, by denying the firstborn rights to him and was given to Joseph. (Genesis 49:4; I Chronicles 5:1)
Judah failed: As was the practice, when Judah’s eldest son Er died, his wife Tamar was given to Onan. He refused to do his duty of Levirate marriage and God punished him. Judah did not give his third son Shelah to Tamar, stating he was an adolescent and would give after he became an adult. When he became an adult, Judah did not give Shelah in marriage to Tamar. Unusually, Tamar dressed up like a prostitute seduced Judah, and had a child without Judah knowing that she was his daughter-in-law. (Genesis 38:13-19)
Joseph refused: Potiphar’s wife knew that her husband was only concerned about estate management delegated to Joseph and food. (Genesis 39:6) Some scholars think that Potiphar was a eunuch. Hence, she longed to have a child, through a surrogate father, who was second-in-command of the household. Joseph fled from that spot stating he cannot sin against God, Potiphar, and her. (Genesis 39:11-12) When the matter was reported to Potiphar, he was angry but did not execute or emasculate Joseph. (Genesis 39:19) He was thrown in prison. Some scholars think it was punishment for his refusal to be a surrogate father.
Willing to suffer: Joseph was willing to suffer by refusing to sin rather than succumbing to temptations. It is better to suffer doing good, refusing evil. (I Peter 3:17) The consequences of sins are eternal, while Joseph’s punishment and imprisonment were limited to this life in the world. Joseph was distinct from his brothers. He neither followed the examples of his brothers nor culturally permissive aberrations.
Is Holiness my watchword?