Uninteresting subjects!

Someone said: “There is no such thing as an uninteresting subject, there are only uninteresting teachers.” Some teachers could make all students understand irrespective of their IQs. The listeners of Lord Jesus Christ were astonished as he taught with authority, unlike the Scribes. (Matthew 7: 28-29) Even today, good bible teachers are rare. Those who are entrusted with the truth and mandate to teach are not making people astonished or inspired.
Excited: Only when a teacher is excited about the subject, s/he teaches, cannot impact, or impress the students. The unexcited teacher is boring. If pastors speak about heaven or joy without excitement, people will get bored. In fact, bored teachers make the subject boring, as well as the hearers. Many people sleep during the sermon because of boring preachers.
Simple language: Lord used a simple language, Aramaic which all people could understand. He neither used the power language of Greek, nor the ritual language of Hebrew. Parables, in real-life contextual settings, helped people to listen to him with eagerness.
Comprehension: A teacher should thoroughly comprehend the subject or topic. Then I can explain clearly to people. If not, it is just mechanical recitation or repetition like a parrot. Such teachers do not clarify or explain to make people grasp the meaning.
Purpose: God has a purpose and plan for each person’s life. Teaching helps a person to discover his/her life purpose.
Relevant: Teaching topics and subjects that could be applied or beneficial for day-to-day life make learning exciting. There are some topics that are not relevant to most people. Trying to prioritize them will put people off listening.
The Holy Spirit: When God’s word is taught, the Spirit of God works in the hearts and minds of the hearers. A hardened heart is broken, and a rebellious mind is renewed, which results in transformation.
All People: The Bible is all for people including children and women. Lord commanded the Law should be taught to children as they sit down, walk, lie down, or get up. (Deuteronomy 6:6-8)
Do I diligently teach the Word?