Moses: Pulled out of retirement

People of God have no retirement. There are numerous opportunities and open doors today for ministry and mission. Digital technology has provided a great tool to ‘Minister From Home.’ Moses had to run away from Egypt because he killed an Egyptian, probably a taskmaster who was oppressing a Hebrew. The person who was rescued blackmailed Moses and he had to run for his life. (Exodus 2:11-15) He ended up in Midian, married, and had two sons. He re-purposed his life to be a shepherd and died. However, God had a different plan.
Simple retirement: From Prince of Egypt to simple life as a refugee was a great fall from his status. Now, he was just spending all his time with his new profession as a shepherd and family. Yet, God was training him to be a shepherd of his people in the wilderness.
Semi-retirement: Moses did not know that God was preparing him for a future course of action. It was not an active participant in God’s plan.
Self-retirement: Moses must have felt his time and life was over, life had no meaning or purpose. All his education, skills, abilities, training, and status have become null and void. He should just await his death.
Safe retirement: Moses thought it was safe to be away from Egypt instead of being in jail in Egypt or killed mercilessly there.
Sacred engagement: God was gracious that he appeared to Moses in the Burning Bush. He rejected all of Moses’ arguments and sent him back to Egypt. He ran away to be a refugee, God sent him as a revolutionary or redeemer of the Children of Israel. God gave Law through Moses, which is the foundation for all laws of all nations.
Second chance? Moses knew his birth; the way God took him to the palace and his call to be a leader of his people. However, Moses was ahead of God’s time by delivering a single Hebrew. God planned to redeem all of Israel. God worked through Moses, even though he faltered a few times.
Am I hiding in self-retirement?