Journey in the mountains

Driving through mountainous regions is an adventure, many times there could be risks. In life’s journey, the path is like that of hills, mountains, and valleys. There are many signboards on the way. They warn the pilgrims to be careful as they pass through. King David was sure that even when he crosses the valleys of the shadow of death, he need not fear as the Lord is with him. (Psalms 23:4)
Falling stones: In some places, the stones from hills could roll and fall on the paths. People could be killed, vehicles could be smashed, and the roads could be damaged. Satan attacks the disciples of the Lord through such random attacks.
Landslide prone: A large mass of hill moves and rushes downwards causing a landslide. It can bury a large portion of people or pilgrims. Satan brings threats, cultural trends, and traditions with political and social pressure.
Sinking zone: Some portion of the path and hills could sink, forming a crater or swallowing up people. However, God has lifted his people from the miry clay of hopelessness and placed them on a rock. (Psalms 40:2)
Sharp curve/bend: In the pilgrimage, there could be sharp bends and one should maneuver wisely and skillfully. Some events in the life of a believer could be unexpected, and sudden, and may cause immense pain. Yet, that would be the turning point or breakthrough to do great things for the Lord.
Accident-prone zone: There are places where accidents commonly happen. Mostly, it is a difficult path, when pilgrims or car drivers are not careful, they invite trouble. Certain spots or companions could make us fall into sin. Disciples should be always alert like a soldier.
Steep descent/ascent: The paths are not easy but could be steep descent or ascent. However, the disciples should continue the journey with all attention and commitment.
Slippery zone: Some places could be so slippery that a person could lose balance and fall. Steady steps and slow driving are safe.
Creative disciples: Those who love the Lord transform any adversity to their advantage. (Psalm 84:6)
Am I a creative disciple?