Searching for good people?

Justice Anand Venkatesh of Madras High Court in a public function said: “We are living in times, where the good people are boycotted, ostracized, and rejected. Living as a good person is a problem today. Finding a good person is an arduous task.” (Dinamalar Newspaper, 10 September 2023) Paul wrote two thousand years ago, that no one is righteous, or understands or seeks good or worthless or unprofitable and does good, and all have come short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:10-12)
All have sinned: The Bible clearly teaches that all have sinned, and no one is exempt. (Romans 3:23) First, as descendants of the first couple, all are sinners. It is the first couple’s gift or inheritance given to all humanity. Second, all are aware that they do not behave, think, or speak as required or expected by known moral or social standards. When the human heart condemns, definitively God will certainly condemn. (I John 3:20) Third, the sin of omission. When a person has authority, power, and resources to do good for others, and refuses to do that, s/he sins against God. (James 4:17)
The hope of the gospel: The world is not left in hopeless status as the Judge opined. God has sent His Son Lord Jesus Christ, to transform sinners into saints. The human need for forgiveness, restoration, and empowerment is possible only through the Lord Jesus Christ.
Righteous before God: By accepting that a person is a sinner, needs a savior, in faith receives Lord Jesus Christ, gets a new status before God. Faith gives access to God’s presence and provides peace and justification as righteous.
Victorious in the world: This new beginning of being declared as righteous before God, gives dignity, direction, and strength to become overcomers. (Romans 5:1-2) Yes, they have the guts to say No to sin, temptations, the world, and Satan. They face sinful situations yet get God’s strength to defeat. Such righteous may fall seven times, but they rise. (Proverbs 24:16) In fact, they are called righteous because they do not give up but rise again.
Am I a righteous progressive saint?