Right to repair

People were fed up with disposable products and longed to have their gadgets, furniture or vehicles repaired instead of replacing parts or buying new ones. They demanded that the producers provide the service of repair. Some companies stop production to make people buy upgraded gadgets, do not produce spare parts, and do not offer repair services. For some people it was a sentimental attachment to the product, for others it was affordability, and a few were concerned about the earth being polluted and contaminated. However, God offers the Right to become children of God. (John 1:12)
Redemption Promise: In fact, God first offered the disobedient first couple the Promise of redemption. (Genesis 3:15) It is not about repair, but more than that. The Fall messed up the whole creation, yet God in His love willingly offered the New Life. To fulfill the Promise, God sent His Son Lord Jesus Christ. The wages of sin is death. Lord Jesus took the penalty of sin, the death upon Himself, was buried, and rose again. Those who believe in Him receive the gift of Eternal life. (Romans 3:23; 6:23)
Repentance: God expects repentance from sinners. They ought to realize that they are sinners separated from God. Their inner craving for sin and inability to live a perfect life should make them sorrowful and turn to God. Only a humble person could repent, a proud person always defends his/her piety or purity which does not exist.
Restoration: The material products may not be used for the purpose for which it was designed or could be used in different ways. So, is with life. Many people do not know the purpose of their lives. Increasingly, they are unable to find meaning in their lives so they become slaves to certain addictions, commit suicide, or opt for euthanasia. When a person comes to the Lord Jesus Christ, his/her life is restored so that God’s purpose is revealed and restored.
Reconciliation: God’s gift of the right to redemption includes reconciliation. It is a reconnection with God, from whom sinners are eternally separated.
Have I used the Right to become a child of God?