Lingering life or Abundant life

One of the Covid 19 affected patient was admitted in the hospital. His status was critical. He was a bit conscious, but otherwise he was unable to move or speak. There was one person who was his enemy and wanted to kill him. Hearing that this person was in hospital, he entered the hospital in disguise. The staff were drowsy as they were tired. Besides his bed, he walked gently. The sick man was awake, could see someone coming near him. He could recognize his enemy, but unable to react by shouting or moving his hand or leg. Within few seconds, his enemy unplugged the oxygen machine, this man died gasping for breath. Yes, the hospitalized man had a ‘lingering life’ not an abundant life. Lord Jesus Christ said: “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)
1) Conqueror’s life: Abundant life means to have victory over sin, Satan, death and even circumstances. The sick man could recognize the enemy but did not have strength or stamina to fight or struggle against. Christians are called to be overcomers. Paul calls Christians as ‘more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.’ (Romans 8:37)
2) Celebration of life: Abundant life the Lord promises is celebration. Life is gift from God. The joy of living, enjoying, sharing, caring, loving, serving, giving, working…in the imperfect world is indeed celebration.
3) Contentment in life: Contentment is opposite of greed, covetousness, and envy. People look at others and find they lack something. Lord teaches us to understand the standing in His presence as righteous child of God; promises of meeting our needs and eternal provision of heaven. Yes, godliness with contentment is a great gain. (I Timothy 6:11)
4) Cause or purpose for life: Abundant life means to have purpose in our life. Many in the world are struggling to understand ‘Why they are living on the earth?’ Bible teaches us that we are sent into this world to glorify God. (Psalm 34:3)
Do I have a lingering life or abundant life?