Lip service or True service

An evangelist happened to meet the President of a country in a private function. He approached the President and said he wanted to share about Lord Jesus Christ. The President immediately stood up. The evangelist said: “Sir, you can sit, I can speak.” He replied: “I stand up to respect the Lord about whom you are going to talk.” Of course, he heard the gospel respectfully. However, he never accepted the truth. People respect God with their lips but are far away from me. (Matthew 15:8,9)
High Opinion: There is one statement from a guru who has a high opinion about Lord Jesus Christ. “If I were in Jerusalem when Jesus lived, I would have squeezed my heart and washed his feet with blood.” However, he never acknowledged that Lord Jesus was the Son of God. He expressed devotion by his words, but never followed him or received him in faith.
Highest status: One person who runs several educational institutions has Lord Jesus prominently displayed along with other philosophers and scientists. For him, Lord Jesus Christ was the greatest teacher in the world but not the Saviour of the world.
High understanding: One of the Scribes during Lord Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry summed up His teachings clearly. The scribe said that loving God and loving neighbors are the essence of the Kingdom of God; it is better than sacrifices. Lord replied that he was not far away from the kingdom. (Mark 12:28-34) Many love, understand and even apply some of His teachings, but have not entered the Kingdom of God. Sadly, many imagine and assume that they are in the Kingdom of God.
High devotion: There are a few who fold their hands and bow down in respect when they cross a church building or see a bible. Yet, they do not follow him.
High Ignorance: God has revealed Himself in nature, Scripture, and through Lord Jesus Christ. If anyone does not arrive at the truth, exchange truth for a lie, there is no excuse. (Romans 1: 25)
Do I have faith, love, and knowledge of Him?