August 2023

Unknown Statues

Many people want their name to be great and remembered beyond their lifetime. Many statues were erected as grateful memorials, later forgotten, destroyed, or dumped into obscurity. Those who built Babel wanted their name to be great. (Genesis 11:4) Absalom made a pillar as his legacy. (II Samuel 18:18) Nehemiah’s prayer: Nehemiah remarkably mobilized people

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Free food trap

One senior bank executive was lured by an advertisement that promised one plate of food free if one plate is purchased. She downloaded the App and ordered food. Within minutes she lost over ninety thousand Indian Rupees from her bank account. (Deccan Herald 27 May 2023) Feeding of Five Thousand: Lord Jesus Christ fed the

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In the Bible as well as in the ancient world, the firstborn was given certain special rights, priority, prominence, privileges, and responsibilities. Importance of firstborn The firstborn male child represented the prime of human strength and vitality. (Genesis 49:3; Psalms 78:51) The firstborn is termed the ‘opener of the womb.’ (Exodus 13:2,12,15; Numbers 18:15; Luke

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