Crossing the Red Sea

One intellectual wanted to discredit the Bible. He was speaking with a few women who were not rich according to the world, but rich in faith. He said: “The Red Sea did not divide, Israel walked through wading in less than one-foot-deep water.” One of the women shouted: “Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, it is indeed a miracle as God drowned the Egyptian army, their chariots and horses in one-foot-deep water.” The intellectual could not respond, he was discredited and shamed.
Red Sea: Lord led them the way of the wilderness of the Red Sea. This is the Western ‘finger’ of the Red Sea that extends up to the border of Egypt. It is believed to be modern-day the Gulf of Suez.
Pharaoh’s chase: Pharaoh was informed that Israel was wandering in the wilderness. God hardened his heart too. Pharaoh felt his earlier decision was foolish. How can they easily lose the free service of the slaves? Pharaoh readied his chariot and mobilized his army of six-hundred chosen chariots and other chariots with horsemen. (Exodus 14:7)
Terrified Israel: Israel saw the Egyptian army and was terrified. (Exodus 14:10,11) They assumed that the threat to Egypt was over with the Tenth Plague. However, they saw them approaching them to enslave them. They murmured asking Moses, where there were not enough graves in Egypt. Forgetting God’s promise, they lamented about death.
Confident Moses: First, God would do mighty work for them. Second, the Egyptian whom they see now will never be seen. Third, the Lord will fight the battle. Four, their job is to keep silent. (Exodus 14:13)
Marvelous miracle: The Angel of the Lord came behind Israel, before the marching Egyptians. The pillar of the cloud was light to Israel, at the same time darkness to Egyptians.
Forward March: Lord commanded Moses to stretch his hand, divide the sea, and ask Israel to march.
Drowned: The Egyptians had to drive heavily. Moses turned and stretched his hand as commanded by God; all Egyptians faced a watery grave. God judged proud, rebellious, and defiant Egyptians.

Do I celebrate the mighty victories of the Lord?