Conversation about conversion

There is an alarm created as if ‘conversion’ is the first and foremost problem facing the world and it should be tackled on a war footing.
1. Conversion as a choice: This is one kind of conversion exercised by some people who want to exercise the freedom of choice. Some individuals wish to use this freedom to exercise their rights against oppression. Like Dalits, who see ‘conversion’ as a ‘tool against oppression.’
2. Conversion by Coercion: This kind of conversion happens because of threat, harassment, violence, and compulsion. Subjugating a group of people who are voiceless or powerless by military might or by ‘sword or gun’. In history, we see it has happened in several places globally.
3. Conversion for convenience: This generally happens in an individual context. A boy or girl wants to be married to his/her sweetheart who happens to be a follower of another religion. One person persuades another person to convert to his/her religion for the sake of marriage and family life.
4. Conversion by corruption: There is an allegation that a person converts for the sake of some ‘allurement’ – a promise of possession or wealth or assets or guaranteed monthly income etc. However, it could rarely happen. If a person is willing to change his religion and identity for the sake of some money, then s/he will be willing to modify it again for a little higher bidding. There is no integrity, honesty, or truth in such a person, and could not be trusted. Strangely, this allegation is repeated but there has never been a single conviction of such a fraud in the court of law.
5. Conversion by Conviction: A person who searches for truth, intellectually discovers Lord Jesus as the truth. Or a person experiences a miracle like healing or peace of mind or breakthrough in his life and attributes it to God who answers prayers. Another person may have a vision and become a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christian mission of making disciples happens when a person is convicted by the Spirit of God.
Am I a disciple as convicted by His Word and Spirit?