Envy, Rage, and Murder

A boy from an oppressed community (Dalit) was hacked to death in his home, while his younger sister and mother were injured. The attackers were six boys (16-17 years) who studied in the same class, in Nanguneri, Tamil Nadu. (Times of India, 12 August 2023) The victim excelled in his studies, and teachers used to appreciate him and showed him as a model. How can a socially lower caste boy do better than them? Instead of becoming an inspiration, he became an object of envy, rage, and murder. Cain was angry with Abel because his offering was accepted by the Lord. (Genesis 4)
Spiritual: Abel was righteous while Cain was wicked. (Matthew 23:25) Cain thought: How can God approve of a younger, inferior, and weak Abel? Dalits are also deprived of the spiritual privilege of worship and fellowship.
Education: Dalits for centuries were refused education so that they could offer mandatory free services to other castes. Being illiterate means, they could be easily exploited and enslaved. The missionaries facilitated their education and employment.
Economic: Dalits were dependent on the other castes for employment wages or any source of sustenance. When they were educated, they migrated to other places to work, and earn. This deprived the upper castes of the free service of Dalits like the service of Israelites to Egyptians.
Social: The hierarchical caste system provides all privileges to the top elitist castes and all duties on the lowest rung of the ladder. Those belonging to higher castes demand respect, free services, subversion, submission, sacrifice, loyalty, and even life from those below in this rigid structure. Disrespect or disobedience means severe punishment including death.
Political: The democratic system of governance is not liked by the upper castes. In democracy, one person, one vote.
Cultural: Sadly, this is a culture that promotes envy. The advertisement for a television: “The owner’s pride and neighbor’s envy.” The Bible teaches envy is like rottenness to bones. (Proverbs 14:30) It deprives joy and contentment of a person and increases it to rage, violence, and murder.
Do I facilitate righteousness in my nation?