Remembering Joseph’s command

A young man got an opportunity to go abroad for his studies. He was excited as well as tensed. This was his first trip on an airplane and to a foreign nation. He meticulously prepared all his personal belongings, books, and documents. On that day, he reached the airport which was over two hours’ drive from his home. When he entered the airport, he realized he had not taken his passport. Sadly, he missed his flight and will not be able to study as the time would lapse. It is natural to forget during anxiety, hurry, and mental tension.

Cautious and Conscious leader: Moses was a very able leader who amid tense times, could keep his mind calm. The Tenth Plague had killed all the firstborns of Egypt. Pharaoh and Egyptians were chasing the Israelites out of their nation. Moses remembered to carry the coffin containing their forefather Joseph’s bones. (Exodus 13:19)

Promise: Joseph commanded that his bones should be buried in the Promised Land when God visited them. (Genesis 50:25) His brothers promised to take his coffin to the Promised Land. The coffin was a silent witness or source of inspiration for the Children of Israel, that they would go to the Promised Land. Perhaps, it was the longest funeral procession in the history of humanity for over forty years until the coffin was buried by Joshua at Shechem. (Joshua 24:32)

Did not forget: Egypt forgot the contribution of Joseph. But the children of Israel did not forget the promise, they gave to Joseph. The generation that gave the promise had died, yet, the succeeding generations fulfilled the promise, did not forget or neglect or disregard.

Important: Moses, the elders of Israel, and the children of Israel considered taking the coffin as important. When people rush into a war-like situation, they neglect most things and pick only essential things. As a nation, they gave priority and preference to take this. Picking up this means leaving something behind – indeed a difficult choice.

In this life journey, do I pick up the essentials for eternal life?