Prayer for God’s Glory

Few people were furiously discussing prayer. One said: “Why did God not answer the fervent prayers of God’s people from the prayer mountains in South Korea for North Korea.” There was pin-drop silence. Since 1945, North Korea has remained a staunch Communist nation. Even a two-year-old baby along with their parents was imprisoned for possessing a bible in North Korea. (Times of India 27 May 2023) No one knows why Sovereign God has not heard the prayers of millions.
Genuine prayers: The people in the group had some misunderstandings about prayer. First, prayer brings victory. It is God who answers prayer and grants victory. Second, all sincere prayers will be answered. God answers prayers according to his divine will and purpose. Third, God answers when we pray in faith without any doubt. Faith is related to God, connected to His character, will, and purpose.
Ask: Prayers are intimate conversations with God. Nevertheless, God has ordained that people of God should ask to receive. (Matthew 7:7) God knows the need and context but chooses to respond to our prayers. Prayers not asked in Jesus’ Name are like an email sent without ‘to’ email id. (John 14:13)
Faith: Prayer is based on faith that God lives, he listens and responds to our pleadings and requests. The faith is anchored on the attributes of God: His love, goodness, power, authority, grace, mercy, wisdom, and plan. It is not blind faith in faith itself.
God’s will: Prayer should be based on discerning God’s will. Prayers should be according to God’s will. (I John 5:14) First, there is God’s specific will and purpose for each context. God in His wisdom reveals His will for each unique historical context. Second, God has an overall plan or a Big Picture. Each one of us fits a puzzle piece in that Big Picture. Knowing the Big Picture is important. Third, God has His timetable. Nothing could happen before time or get delayed. Four, God has His purpose fulfilled, in which our prayers could play a vital role.
Does my prayer seek the glory of God or self-glorification?