Living among Labans

The world increasingly seems to be a deceptive place. In every sphere, some people use lies, treachery, and flattery to exploit and oppress others. It is painful to note that even family members could be the oppressors as Laban was.
No entourage: Jacob did not arrive with a big entourage as Eleazar arrived to find a bride for Abraham’s son Isaac. (Genesis 24) Shrewd Laban understood that something was wrong that Jacob was alone, learned he would be with him for a long time, and dealt with him cunningly.
A Servant, not a partner: As an uncle of Jacob, Laban could have taken him as his partner to work. He reduced him to a servant with meager wages.
Exploitative wage: The bride price at that time could be about two years of labor or wages. However, Laban knowing Jacob’s love for Rachael hiked the price to seven years of hard labor.
Negative bonus: On the wedding night, Laban cleverly presented Leah as a bride, hiding Rachael. Jacob was burdened with a wife, whom he did not desire or deserve.
Exponential exploitation: Instead of Laban being contrite, he was adamant citing the cultural practice. He said when the elder girl is at home, a younger girl cannot be given in marriage. He demanded that Jacob work for another seven years. The first seven years were sufficient for both the daughters of Laban. Nevertheless, Laban exploited Jacob.
Exploit God’s favor: Laban understood that God was with Jacob, and his blessings were the result of the same. Laban did not want Jacob or the God of Jacob, but the blessings he got through them.
Flexible salary: Laban also had a flexible salary. When he saw there were less spotted sheep in the flock, he would state that it was Jacob’s wages. Next time during his visit if he saw less streaked sheep, he would say that was the wages of Jacob. (Genesis 31:8)
Laban resorted to deception, exploitation, and oppression. As Jacob was protected and shaped, believers would be protected and refined into spiritual maturity.
Do I flourish in faith living among Labans?