Signaled their partners

On a beach, poor fishermen were trying to catch fish using fishing lines. It took a long-time for them to catch a single fish. Some were even disappointed as they could not catch any. One observer told the fishermen to come together, get a net and catch more fish; together they could get more than what they get now. However, they were giving many excuses: “I do not like that man.” “Why should I catch and share with others?” “I am a single-man army. I can manage myself.” “Do you want me to obey others’ orders?” “I am my boss.”
Peter did not catch even a single fish, and was cleaning his nets. Lord borrowed his boat and preached. Later, Lord commanded Peter to lower his nets on the right side. The net was full, it may break. Peter signaled his partners, and they came. (Luke 5:7) Both the boats were filled up to full capacity. There are many ‘fishers of men who wish to share the gospel and make disciples. Like Peter, they do not want to invite others.
Holier-than-thou: Such people consider themselves ‘holier-than-others.’ Having a high opinion about their spirituality, they undermine or even mock others’ spiritual life.
Superiority complex: Many consider themselves superior in terms of their abilities, talents, gifts, or education. Do they think why accept an inferior status to work with others?
Seniority complex: Few trust their experience and live in the past. They treat with disdain those who are less experienced or new to ministry. Sharing is painful: Many have an inflated opinion about themselves. In the team, they consider themselves a great contributor and others are just parasites, robbing them. Hence, they hate the idea of sharing with others.
Popularity complex: Others want to be popular and disregard others’ contributions or reject them. TEAM is interpreted as an acronym: Together Everyone Achieves More.
Many will allow souls to perish rather than invite partners for the ministry or mission.
Do I willingly partner with others?