Minister of Loneliness?

The Covid 19 menace has affected many people in the world. Many died, while many more were infected, but got healed. However, lockdown and social distancing has affected many people mentally. The isolation requirements and lockdown demands were too much on people that few committed suicides. In Japan, the government appointed Tetsushi Sakamoto as a ‘Minister for Loneliness.’ Also, ‘Isolation/loneliness countermeasure office,’ was inaugurated. The reason is the number of suicides has drastically increased, highest in the last eleven years. (ANI 23 February 2021)
1) Boredom: When we have more energy that we can channelize or more time which we could purposefully spend, then boredom sets in. Those who are sure about their purpose in life, generally do not get bored.
2) Suffering: Corona virus infected had to be in isolation. That was immense anguish and inconceivable torment for many. Few even committed suicide unable to bear such loneliness. For sake of Christian faith, many ostracized or boycotted.
3) Failure: Youngsters who fail in exams, sports person experiencing defeat, businesspeople facing losses would feel loneliness. In success, there will be many friends, in defeat there would be none. Someone said ‘fail’ is an acronym. F – First, A – Attempt, I -In, L – Learning.
4) Hopelessness: Some could experience as if all doors are closed, no possible solution and no scope for change. Water is water even when boiling at 99 degree, but one more degree, it will become vapour. Changes could happen when we are patient.
God has given us five resources. First, Supernatural identity, that we are children of God, embraced by His grace. (John 1:12) Second, Surprising Community, the church offers a great sense of belonging. Being part of small bible study groups helps us to be free from loneliness. Third, Servant Mentality, attitude, and eagerness to serve others. Serving others helps to forget self-misery. Four, Lord has promised Supernatural Serenity, peace that is beyond human comprehension. (John 14:27) Five, the Steadfast Love of the Lord never ceases or exhausted. (Lamentations 3:22-23)
Do I experience His Presence and Peace to overcome loneliness?