Ministry From Home (MFH)

Work From Home became more common, if not popular during Covid lockdown around the world. Many Pastors and Christian leaders felt distressed as they perceived ministry doors as closed. Some started using digital platforms for doing their ministry. Even after restrictions have been lifted, Work From Home continues and seems to be one aspect of work-life. If so, why not ‘Ministry From Home?’ Even retired people, women who are unable to go home, others who cannot afford to go out could innovatively do Ministry From Home.
1) Evangelism: Digital youngsters get weary when they cross 240 words of reading. Writing testimonies in 240 words is a challenge, but ought to be done. Presenting gospel in 240 words is another challenge as most of us are ‘babblers’ as Paul was called in Athens. (Acts 17:18) Creating short videos using mobile phones is another method to share.
2) Discipleship: One retired woman started an online bible study to discipline people. She started using Community Bible Study (CBS) material and taught three books. Video recordings also could be done while teaching and uploaded to YouTube.
3) Leadership: One teacher began an online leadership course during the pandemic. In two years, over a dozen batches and 200 plus leaders were equipped to become dynamic leaders.
4) Counselling: Many adolescents, teenagers and youth are lonely in the hyper-connected world. A few of them committed suicide, sensing hopelessness. Few youngsters focused on this group and were able to provide the hope of the gospel online that transformed their lives.
5) Content creation: Digital world has too many consumers. Sadly, many are consuming junk content, as the hungry are not given wholesome content. Need contents of various duration. Short, less than two minutes for Instagram platforms, short that is less than 15 minutes in YouTube platforms and longer duration content for serious learners.
Endlessly scrolling the smartphone, thinking time is spent usefully is not wise. Instead, the digital tools are pulpits and the digital world is the audience for preaching the gospel, proclaiming the truth and Leading people to light.
Do I use all opportunities and open doors for ministry?