Selfie or food?

Actor Unni Rajan who has acted in several Malayalam movies applied for a janitor (scavenger job) in the hostel run for scheduled caste students by the government of Kerala. On the way to the interview, many people recognized him and about 50 people took selfies with him. The panel of interviewers thought Unni had arrived there by mistake. However, Unni made it clear that the selfies (popularity) do not feed him. He needs a steady job and regular income for food for his family. (Telegraph 11 May 2022)

Prosperity? Popularity will not feed a person or bring prosperity. People like to reach the peak of popularity. There are many in the Digital world who wish to become a celebrity by performing something. Viral videos are their life target. To create such videos, people pay a heavy price, sometimes with their own life or health. Two boys recording a stunt for their digital audience, died due to an accident. Dozens have died in India and abroad attempting world records or viral video records.

Fatal attraction? Deceptive advertisements attract young people to attempt destructive things. Gambling advertisement states: “You can become a champion.” Also, it states that gambling culture is champions’ culture. Satan also presented to Eve that she could become a god or champion. (Genesis 3:5) It was a deadly attraction that led to the fall of humanity to the abyss.

Better than life? God’s steadfast love is better than life according to King David. (Psalms 63:3) While people in the world are pursuing something that is unattainable and unsustainable, King David learnt that God’s eternal steadfast love is precious. He esteemed God’s love, mercy and grace better than life.

Trash? Popularity or wealth or intelligence or power are just trash in the eternal perspective according to Paul. (Philippians 3:8)

Kingdom of God? Realizing that survival is not possible just by popularity, the actor began to work. Lord Jesus taught to seek the Kingdom of God and Righteousness and the survival needs are taken care of. (Matthew 6:33)

Do I have my priorities right?