Mouth open!

Baby must open his mouth to 140 degrees in order to drink milk well. That is the maximum possible a human could open their mouth. “Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.” (Psalms 81:10) When the mother-bird brings food to the nest, she could see the chicks ready with open mouths. Chicks are always eager and enthusiastic. God has promised to fill the mouths, when opened.

1) Hungry: Like babies, all should open their mouths to receive food. A person who is hungry will spontaneously open their mouth. Hunger for the Word of God will make a believer to open mouth requesting wisdom and understanding. Those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness will be filled. (Matthew 5:6) People of God walk in the paths of righteousness and are also instruments of righteousness. (Psalms 23: 3; Romans 6:13)

2) Ask great things: People of faith ask great things from God. They wish God would change the world through them, as channels of blessings. For the expansion of the Kingdom of God and His missions, believers should ask God to give nations. (Psalms 2:8) The great missionary William Carey not only asked, he attempted great things for God and expected great things for God. No wonder, God enabled him to translate the Bible in several languages. By opening their mouths disciples could find open doors for missions.

3) Wonder and awe: People open their mouths when they see something marvelous or supernatural. God acts in His children’s lives to know His wondrous works. When believers stand in the presence of God, seeking Him, searching for His beauty will open their mouths in worship.

4) Pray: People of God are people of prayers. They have the privilege to intercede for others. Godly saints stand in the gap, pleading for God’s mercies and blessings for the church, peoples, and nations. (Ezekiel 22:30)

5) Praises: From the mouths of babies and infants praise ascends to Heaven. (Psalms 8:2: Matthew 21:16)
When people of the world open their mouths for unedifying things, should believers not open their mouths for noble things?

Do I open my mouth wide?