People of Israel were worried about their misfortunes. (Numbers 11:1) They did not focus on Miracle working God but on Moses whom they thought had a magic wand – his staff. Later they wanted leaders to take them back to Egypt. (Number 14:4) Even after the Lord’s glory and power were displayed for them; they could not measure up to God’s expectations and standards. Their murmurings again and again revealed their intentions and heart.
1) Freedom or Food? They valued food more than freedom. Being nostalgic about the cucumber, the melons, the onion, the garlic, the leeks, and free fish. (Numbers 11:5) They simply forgot their misery of oppressive slavery. Even today, many prefer to be slaves to food rather than be free from sin.
2) Glory of Egypt or Glory of God? Though they were slaves in Egypt, they considered Egypt as their own. In fact, they disregarded God’s acts of signs and wonders and His glory in sinking the army of Egypt in the Red Sea. God with them was insignificant, but they in Egypt were significant.
3) Unknown future or known past? Their life was dictated by fear of the unknown future, and hence they wanted to return to the known past. Lack of faith ruled them out of being vision-promise-future oriented.
4) Promised Land or perpetual slavery? Miserably they chose perpetual slavery rejecting Promised Land. They expected God to hand over them the land deed of Promised Land without any sacrifice or surrender or struggle.
Their lack of faith made them see manna as boring and routine food instead of receiving it with gratitude from the Lord. The Lord heard their groans to deliver them, but they thought that God was not aware of their situation. (Exodus 2:24) Immersed in their immediate present, they could not dream about the Promised Land. They thought God was not interested in them and had abandoned them. Above all, they aspired for trouble or trial or tribulation free life. Hence, they saw their life as misfortune.
Do I see my life as misfortune or fortunate for being chosen for His Mission?