Dramatic or Traumatic miracles?

Recently, my smart mobile phone with touch screen fell and the screen developed a crack. Reading was obscure due to a distorted screen. I felt upset, and worried how much it would take to get it replaced. Is there anything impossible for our Lord? Whenever I put it in my pocket, I desired that when I pick it up a miraculous change should happen. In fact, my secret desire to experience a dramatic miracle, which magically restores my touch screen.
Many times, as humans we desire God to interfere in our lives and do miracles and wonders. God has done mighty things in the past. Even today, we hear God doing miracles in the lives of many. There is a young man 17 years old left to die as medical professionals ruled out any possible treatment, and saw Lord Jesus speaking to him and giving him a new life. Today he is married. Another girl who was in a wheelchair for more than two decades, saw the Lord touching her and healing her miraculously. Now she is also married and blessed with a child. These two miracles could be termed as Dramatic Miracles.
At the same time, there are others who prayed and did not get the expected answer. One person who was paralyzed, was prayed for, he died soon after. That kind of incident could be termed as a ‘Traumatic miracle’. Joseph must have prayed for freedom from slavery in Potiphar’s home, but ended up in prison instead. It was a temporary trauma for Joseph, nevertheless, that led to greater Dramatic miracle – becoming second to Pharaoh in Egypt.
The Book of Job is a wonderful book about suffering. Job lost everything – assets, children, friends, except wife and life. (Job 1,2) All of them happened in quick succession. Job went through a traumatic miracle, not destroyed and at the end God rewarded him with a double portion of all he lost. He also played a high priestly role in praying for his foolish and miserable comforter friends. (Job 42:10)
Do I accept from the Lord both Dramatic as well as traumatic miracles?