Missed Opportunities

A young man missed an opportunity to be selected in a prestigious company, because of a bus breakdown. He arrived late and was sent away. This made a deep impression on his life, and he kept cursing that day, the bus, the company, and everything. He never tried to get a new job and lost interest in living. Like a mentally unstable man, he spent the rest of his life.

Handling missed opportunities: There are three ways of handling them. First, like the man a person could dwell in the past, become a prisoner, and die a miserable death. Second, forget about it, do not worry, keep missing newer opportunities. Third, learn from mistakes, become sober, and wiser, and proceed further, hoping for a great future. People who have accomplished great things have chosen the third option.

Disciples’ failure: Lord Jesus Christ called three of his disciples to come with him to Mount Olives to pray. Peter, James, and John got the privilege and historical opportunity to pray with the wrestling Savior. Lord shared with them that he was overwhelmed and needed them to pray with him. But, on three occasions they slept. (Luke 22:39-46; Matthew 26:40-46)

Savior’s generosity: Lord Jesus rebuked them for choosing to sleep over prayer. Yet, he gave them a generous excuse, that their spirit was willing, but their physical body was weak. Sorrow also put them to sleep. They did not have the mental or spiritual capacity to comprehend what was happening that day – The Last Supper, The New Covenant, The fervent prayer of the Savior. Hence, the disciples failed. Savior forgave them for their lapse.

Consequence: The three disciples became further weak, though sleep could have helped them physically. Sadly, Peter without spiritual strength and stamina later denied the Lord. James disappeared from the scene.

Example: There was no time to mourn and be miserable. Lord said to the three: Rise, let us be going. Instead of doing a postmortem, Lord said let us move to the next. Later, Lord was betrayed, arrested, tried, and crucified.

Do I learn from missed opportunities and move forward?