Mission in the city of Jericho

Lord Jesus reached Jericho on His final journey towards Jerusalem. (Luke 18:35-43; 19:1-27 Matthew 20:29-34; Mark 10:46-52) Jerusalem was about 15 miles from Jericho. Jericho is the lowest inhabited city in the world. Some even state that it is the oldest city in the world. It is 240 metres below sea level. Jerusalem was 754 metres above sea level. It is a steep climb from Jericho to Jerusalem. Jericho, the old city, was a Jewish city. New Jericho was built by Herod as his winter palace.
Two incidents: The healing of blind happened between the two cities. Matthew and Mark were writing that Lord Jesus was leaving Jericho, the old city; while Luke wrote that he was nearing the new city. Mark gives the name as Bartimaeus, which means son of Timaeus. The incident with Zacchaeus happened probably in New Jericho, where the elite and Gentiles lived.
Two social statuses: Bartimaeus was probably without home, family, and livelihood. He was reduced to begging as he had lost his sight. So only he prayed for the restoration or recovery of His sight. (Mark 10:51) In contrast, Zacchaeus was materially rich, holding a position as tax-collector. Both were deprived spiritually. As tax-collector, Jews boycotted Zacchaeus. As blind, Bartimaeus could not go for worship.
Two needs: Bartimaeus wanted to recover and be able to see, become self-reliant, and earn a livelihood. Zacchaeus, though rich, powerful and an elite, felt lonely. He needed social relationships, friends, meaningful relationships.
Two approaches: Bartimaeus came to know Lord Jesus was coming, he shouted, pleaded, and prayed even when the people in the crowd tried to silence him. Zacchaeus was a little shy and his cry and pleading were from his heart, unable to express in words.
Two responses: Lord stopped on both occasions; summoned them. Bartimaeus left behind his garment and rushed to Lord Jesus. His sight should be restored became a disciple. Zacchaeus responded by stating that he would repent, restore what he had illegally earned and distribute half of his wealth to the poor.
Have I come to the Lord like Bartimaeus or Zacchaeus?