Mission Opposed and Commissioned

Herod seems to be a familiar name for readers of the gospels. The family of Herod seems to be against Lord Jesus Christ, Truth, the Church and purpose of God.
1) Herod Agrippa I: He was the oldest of Herod or patriarch of the family. He reigned when Lord Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. When the wisemen visited to worship the Newborn king, Herod was in Jerusalem. Since he could not identify the child, he killed all children below the age of two in Bethlehem. (Matthew 2:16-18) He was egoist and did not want any rival king to emerge.
2) Herod the tetrarch: he was son of Herod Agrippa, who seduced his brother Philip’s wife, Herodias. John the Baptist condemned him for his immoral life. Herodias instigated Herod to behead John the Baptist through her daughter Salome. (Matthew 14:1-12) Though he wanted not to kill John, he became a victim of his own web of sin.
3) Herod the King: Grandson of Herod Agrippa 1 ruled when the church in Jerusalem began to grow. He killed Apostle James and pleased the Jewish religious leaders. (Acts 12:1-3) As men pleaser, was willing to murder the church leaders.
4) Herod Agrippa II: He was considered as an expert in Jewish law and customs. He was governor of the adjacent province and was visiting Festus. Paul stood trial before him in the city of Caesarea when Festus presented the case to him. He was convinced of the gospel, yet he rejected it. “And Agrippa said to Paul, “In a short time would you persuade me to be a Christian?” (Acts 13:28)
From among that family, God could raise a mission leader. Interestingly God raised Manaen who was brought up or a lifelong friend or step brother or nephew of Herod the tetrarch who beheaded John the Baptist. He was one of the key leaders in the church at Antioch to commission for the first time in the history of missions; Barnabas and Paul as missionaries. (Acts 13:1)

Am I part of God’s commissioned mission?