My Master is delayed

Police have registered a case against a cadet of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) after a viral video showed him mercilessly thrashing some junior cadets during a physical training session at a college. The video showed eight cadets in a puddle amid rain with their heads pinned in the muddy soil instead of using their hands for support. The cadets are also seen in a push-up position in a water-logged area with their feet and heads touching the ground and hands folded above the back. When a cadet changes posture, the senior student is seen thrashing him with a stick and going on to thrash others too. (Deccan Herald, 23 August 2023) In the absence of college teachers, the senior who was given responsibility, verbally and physically abused others. Lord shared the parable of a wicked servant who is like this wicked senior cadet. (Matthew 24:45-51)
Wicked steward: The master had entrusted responsibilities to a steward and had gone away. The mischievous person thought it would take longer for the master to return so indulged in atrocities. He did not fear his master, or his authority to punish him and lacked faithfulness.
Whipping: He was beating, whipping, and torturing his fellow servants. Instead of treating them with dignity, honor, and respect, the wicked servant was abusing, exploiting, and oppressing them. He behaved as if no one could make him accountable and he could do whatever he likes.
Wild parties: He enjoyed seeing his fellow servants suffer and celebrated parties of victory with his evil friends. He was eating and drinking wine, all that were his masters. Instead of being a steward, he was stealing and using it for his personal indulgence. He was generous with wicked friends, but mean with his colleagues.
Weeping and gnashing: When the master comes, he will demand an account. He will be cut into pieces and put along with hypocrites. Together with the other wicked evildoers, the failed servant and steward would be thrown into the lake of fire where there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Am I a Wise and faithful steward?