Nadir of Human History

In the history of humanity, the worst, wretched, wicked, and spiritually darkest day was the day on which Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross of Calvary.
Humans are ruthless, brutal, and violent. The worst human nature is to be insensitive to others suffering and be glad to see others in pain. Cross was a crude instrument of the torturous, degrading, delayed process of death. Humans used this to murder the Holy Son of God.
Satan has blinded the minds of humans. (II Corinthians 4:4) They could not see the glory of God. John and Peter claimed that he saw the glory of God. (John 1:14; II Peter 1:18) However, Pontius Pilate, Priests, Pharisees, Sadducees, and the mob could not see the glorious Lord. Humanity was blind and dwelling in darkness and could not see light, hence indulged in the dark deed of murdering Lord Jesus Christ. The sin of envy, greed, power, and pride blinded them from being rational, reasonable, and responsible.
The religious authorities, government authorities, and the common crowd of people displayed one thing in common: rebellion. The religious leaders violated the Ten Commandments. They used false witness, bribed the traitor, the judge washed his hand, and thus humanity murdered the Son of God. They rebelled against the Laws, best practices, humane behavior, and righteous traditions.
Disobedience is defying God’s commandment, that began in the Garden of Eden. In fact, willful, defiant, and proud disobedience is the mark of humanity. The Jewish nation disobeyed God’s commandments. You shall not murder. (Exodus 20:13) Do not follow a crowd to do evil. (Exodus 23:2) The Roman governor declared Lord Jesus as not guilty but gave the death penalty. (Luke 23:4)
Giving and taking the life of a human is the prerogative of God. When proud religious leaders or judges, arrogate themselves as God to award the death penalty. Human pride was on full display in the Sanhedrin and the court of Pontius Pilate.
Nature shocked
The nefarious deeds of humans even shocked the nature that the sun darkened, and an earthquake occurred. (Luke 23:44; Matthew 27:51)
Do I realize as the chief of sinners like Paul did?

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