No Commotion, No Chaos

Besides the pool of Siloam was a man who was lying invalid for thirty-eight years. He wanted to be the first person who got into the pool whenever an angel stirred the pool to be healed miraculously. Lord Jesus came, after a brief conversation with him, commanded him to pick up his bed and walk. He was healed instantly. (John 5:1-16) It was a public healing, yet the multitude that was there did not throng to the Lord Jesus Christ for healing.

Did not notice: Perhaps, the lame and paralyzed did not notice what was happening around them. All of them were in the same status as the paralyzed man who was healed. Yet, they did not recognize that he was healed. Also, the helpers who were with the sick failed to take note of the miracle. Perhaps, they missed their primary focus of healing and had been expecting something else.

Focus – angel: Since they had an idea that an angel would surprisingly visit the pool and stir it, they were gazing towards the sky and did not know what was happening on the poolside.

Focus – water: Some were waiting for water to be stirred. Instead of searching for the angel, and without knowing the direction from which he may appear, they chose to gaze at the pool water. The constant ripples and waves were their attention. Hence, they did not look at what was happening at the shores.

Focus – jumping into water: The focus was the be first to jump into the water when it is stirred by an angel. Like a sprinter ready to run, they were preparing the shortest and quickest way to jump in.

Missed: The God of Heaven and earth, creator of angels, water and pool, and healer of all diseases were there, but they missed Him. Even today, people miss the Lord waiting for dreams or visions or revival or certain feelings or a celebrity preacher. As the Jews were looking elsewhere without receiving the Word in faith, many today are missing Him each day. (Romans 10:6)

Do I miss God-given opportunities?