Obsession with Signs

Music concerts are enjoyed by young people. For them it is a great show, pomp, music, songs and emotionally uplifting situation. Some songs are superb, and all people enjoy it. After the song is over, there will be shouts or requests from audience: “Once more.” They wish such songs to be repeated. Lord Jesus did wonders or miracles to demonstrate as sign for his Messianic credentials. Changing water into wine in the wedding at Cana was one of many signs. (John 2) However, there were people who sought more signs. “Yet many of the people believed in him. They said, “When the Christ appears, will he do more signs than this man has done?” (John 7:31)
The Pharisees and scribes wanted a sign from the Messiah for them to accept him. (Matthew 12:39) However, the tone and context they were seeking was with the intention to add a reason to reject the Messiah. Lord rebuked them stating them as: ‘evil and adulterous’ generation. Apart from Law and prophets, they had seen many signs performed by the Lord. Yet, they were not convinced. Sceptics, doubters and mockers will not be convinced by signs, wonders and miracles too. Even resurrection of dead will not convince them. (Luke 16:31) Jonah, who was a prophet who converted the city of Nineveh a population of 120000 people. His life itself was a prophecy, as he came out alive after three days, being swallowed by a fish; that Lord Jesus will be buried in earth and rise again.
Herod wanted to see Jesus and see a miracle performed by Him. (Luke 23:8) Lord did not oblige him to satisfy his curiosity. There are many who want ‘miracle on demand.’ Herod let his soldier beat Lord Jesus, as he was angry at the refusal. Even today, many want miracles on demand.
At the Calvary also crowd shouted: ‘If you are Christ, come down from the cross.’ Lord refused to oblige them as He had come to die for the sin of humanity. (Matthew 27:40)
Am I a sign-seeker or Truth seeker?