Open the eyes

Blinded eyes: Satan has blinded the minds or perceptive senses of people. Hence, they are unable to know the truth, receive the gospel, and understand the way to salvation.
Blurred vision: Disciples who have been touched by the gospel continue to have blurred vision. “I see men, as trees walking.” (Mark 8: 24) Though the blind man received his sight, it was blurred. Lord had to touch his eyes again. The touch of the truth of the Word of God provides a clear vision.
Myopia: Disciples sometimes have the problem of near-sightedness. They could see things nearer to them but were not able to see that is far away. The disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ could not perceive an eternal kingdom, they wished it was temporal, at Jerusalem, where the Messiah would be seated to reign.
Hyperopia: This is a vision condition when such people could see things that are far away, but not the things that are near. Some disciples are so heavenly-minded that they are irrelevant on earth.
Cataract: There are many reasons for cataracts, including diabetes, old age, injury, and others. This could cause blurred vision, sensitive to bright lights, and colors that seem to be faded…etc. Disciples who are callous, do not read the Word: and lose passion, first love, and commitment.
Blind spot: The spot where the optic nerve connects to the retina has no light-sensitive cells, so can’t see that spot. Disciples could have blind spots, as the light of the truth does not transform certain areas of life. Racism or casteism could be a blind spot for many believers.
Lazy eye: Abnormal development of one eye could cause a lazy eye, a person may extensively use only one eye. Those who work, watch or stare at screens for a long time could get that. Disciples, with lazy eyes, could lack godly vision and perspective.
Color blindness: Disciples who compromise with the world are like those who have color blindness.
Strabismus: This is the lack of coordination between the eyes. Disciples without a single focus and priority of kingdom suffer due to Strabismus.
Do I have a clear vision?