Parenting a pet dog?

In fact, all are influencers. Each person influences others in their own contexts: family, neighborhood, workplace…etc. Social Media has created a new breed of influencers. These influencers have thousands of fans or ardent followers. They tend to imitate and listen to these influencers and speak. Influencer Kusha Kapila separated from Zarwar Singh, her husband after being married for about six years. (NDTV news 26 June 2023) The report adds that both will co-parent their pet dog, Maya.
Marriage without purpose: The Bible teaches that marriage is honorable among all. (Hebrews 13:4) It is a covenant relationship that a husband and wife become one flesh. Marriage as God ordained institution is sacred and esteemed. God gave Adam, Eve as companion or helpmeet. They are united for deep, intimate love, fellowship, commitment to one another, and life-long loyalty. Sadly, many youngsters who are getting married do not know the purpose of God.
Gift from God: Children are God’s gift for couples. (Psalms 127:3) God blessed Adam and Eve and commanded them to multiply, meaning to have children and extend the family. (Genesis 1:28) Procreation is God’s purpose and plan in marriage. Some couples are childless. They ought to adopt children. Esther was an orphan who was adopted by Mordecai, who later became the queen, who saved the Nation of Israel from being ethnically cleansed. (Esther 2:7)
Parenting a pet: Noah took care of animals in the ark so that the world could be rehabilitated. Pets bring joy, and with that responsibility to serve them. This influencer couple did not have a child and did not adopt one. Instead, they raised a dog as their pet. However, given the status of a child, when they separated (divorced) they took turns to take care of the pet. Living in a country where millions of children are without parents or destitute or under-privileged, rich people should adopt children and nurture them.
True spirituality: Taking care of widows, orphans, destitute, abandoned, marginalized, and malnourished is a demonstration of God’s love in the unkind world.
Am I a true influencer demonstrating God’s love?