Partial blindness?

Angels came to rescue Lot and his family from destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, as an answer to prayers of Abraham. (Genesis 18,19) However, the old and young men of city came to Lot’s home to harm the visitors. The angels struck the men with blindness, they groped for the door. Blindness could be judgement of God. Paul proclaimed punishment of blindness for a season on Bar-Jesus a magician who was obstructing Sergius Paulus to receive the gospel. (Acts 13:11)
The more serious issue is the spiritual blindness. When Adam and Eve committed sin, they were spiritually dead. A dead person would be naturally blind. Satan’s promise of ‘your eyes will be open,’ was indeed blinded by Satan, who is Father of lies. (Genesis 3:5; II Corinthians 4:4: John 8:44) This is universal status of all humans throughout history of humanity as all are descendants of Adam and Eve. Paul was given the task of opening the eyes of blind, by the gospel. (Acts 26:16-18) When a person receives the Lord, s/he gets new life, certainly the eyes are open.
Yet, there are believers who have certain eye ailments.
1) Colour Blindness: That means they are unable to deduct any colour apart from black and white. Red looks like green and vice versa called deuteranomaly. Another common type that could distinguish between blue and green, as well as yellow and red. Another type confuses between blue and green, purple and red, and yellow and pink. This could be dangerous especially in traffic signals for themselves and for others.
2) Night blindness: Some are blind during dark or after sunset. They are advised not to go out. Some believers are naïve and could not see-through Satan’s vilest strategies.
3) Myopic vision: Believers who are short-sighted do not have eternal perspective. Like Esau they barter ‘birth right’ for one-time meal.
4) Blind spots: Normal eyes could not deduct certain spots in the vision area. Similarly, believers have blind spots like lack of vision for mission, concern for poor or need for evangelising others.
Do I have total spiritual vision?