Spiritual progress of the blind man

The man who was born blind makes remarkable spiritual progress to know Lord Jesus Christ as Messiah, Lord and worshipped him. The steps were incremental and progressive. Many people even today have similar progress to arrive at truth.
1) A person: The blind man could not see the Lord but could hear his voice. He could recognize him as a person. (John 9:11) Many did not go beyond this like Pilate. (Luke 23:4)
2) A prophet: When the Lord spit, mixed dust and made clay; applied in his blind eyes, commanding him to wash in the Pool of Siloam, he considered him as a prophet. So, as an act of faith and obedience, he washed going down the steps to the pool and got healing, his eyes were opened. When Pharisees ridiculed him, he declared Lord Jesus as a prophet. (John 9:17) There are many in the world who consider Lord Jesus as teacher or prophet.
3) Rabbi or Master: Interestingly, when the Pharisees asked him the same question second time, how he was healed? He counter questioned them: ‘Do you all want to become his disciples.’ Yes, now he has become a disciple accepting Lord Jesus as his master.
4) From God: Pharisees ridiculed the healed blind man that they did not know where Jesus was from. However, he argued that he was from God, as God listened to him and has healed him. (John 9:33) The healed blind man understood that Lord Jesus was not just a Rabbi or teacher of Law but came from Father in Heaven.
5) Son of God: He was excommunicated from synagogue by the religious leaders. Lord met him and revealed Himself as Messiah, Son of God. (John 9:35-38) He joyfully accepted him as saviour the Messiah.
6) Believed Him: It is not enough to acknowledge intellectually, should believe with all mind, soul and strength. (John 9:38)
7) Worshipped Him: Lord Jesus as creator and sovereign Lord deserved our worship. (John 9:38) All believers have privilege and duty to worship him.
Do I make spiritual progress?