Pecking disorder

One visitor was shocked to see many chicks having spots and feathers falling. The poultry farmer simply said: “These chicks like to peck one another. Thus, they get injured and lose their feathers too. It is habitual on this farm.” Sometimes, local churches seem to be like this poultry farm. Harmony and peace are missing elements in these churches. Believers could habitually find fault, criticize, complain, murmur, be sarcastic and condemn. Paul writes: “But if you bite and devour one another, watch out that you are not consumed by one another.” (Galatians 5:15)
Envy: Believers also could become envious of other believers. Cain was envious of his righteous brother Abel. (Genesis 4) When other believers grow, mature, use their gift and are zealous for the Lord, these people become envious. Instead of asking the Lord to equip and empower them, they envy others. Some believers are envious of the material prosperity of other leaders.
Ego: Though they claim to be crucified with Christ and place themselves on the altar as a living sacrifice, they are still egoistic. (Romans 12:1) The inner core of their personality is still selfish, unable to love others.
Inferiority complex: Some believers do not derive their identity and dignity from Lord Jesus Christ. They think they are inferior to other believers because they lack some gifts or talents or abilities or knowledge. Hence, they are agitated by the success of others.
Superiority complex: Others are proud that they are better believers than others. Some take pride in their spiritual experiences or a long-time follower of Christ or family background or donations they give or natural talents or any other. They tend to look down at others; tease and mock them.
Emotionally hurt: Some people are emotionally hurt, especially if they were not appreciated or neglected. Hence, they hurt others. Instead of praying and working for emotional health, they destroy others.
Bond of peace: God has graciously cleansed all the believers by His blood, and filled them with his love through the Holy Spirit, hence held by the bond of peace.
Do I choose a bond of peace or backbiting?