Persecutors Perished

Some videos threaten the Christian community with dire consequences. In many parts of the world, persecution of Christians is a daily affair. Apostle James was killed by a sword by Herod. He also perished being eaten by worms. Acts 12: 2,23) Persecuting the church means to persecute Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts 9:4)
Caesar is Lord
Since Christians refused to declare Caesar as Lord, they were adamant in saying: that Jesus is Lord. So they were counted as rebels and criminals and persecuted. They were crucified, whipped, thrown before wild animals…etc.
God’s wrath
God punished the emperors who were persecuted in different ways. Their ends were miserable and pitiable. The Roman Empire perished but the Church exists, thrives, and grows.
Nero: He played fiddle when Rome was burning, blamed Christians for the fire, and persecuted them. During his rule 30000 people perished by pestilence, his army was defeated in Britain, revolution in Armenia challenged the power of Nero and his senators hated him so much that he was forced to kill himself.
Domitian: He was hacked or butchered to death by conspirators, including soldiers. He was 44 years old.
Trajan: He died of a stroke and emanated a foul smell.
Septimius Severus: He also persecuted Christians and banned conversion from Judaism to the Christian faith. He died miserably during a military campaign in Britain, where he went with 40000 soldiers.
Maximinus Thrax: His soldiers experienced starvation due to the unexpected siege of the city. They murdered Maximus and his sons, as well as his cabinet minister. They cut off their heads, held them on poles and carried them to Rome by his cavalrymen.
Gaius Messius Decius: He was fighting against Goths across the Danube. His son was killed by an arrow, he continued to fight but was killed in the Battle of Abritus.
Publius Valerian: He killed Saint Lawrence. He was whipped to death as a captive of the king of Persia, Shapur after the Battle of Edessa.
Lucius Domitius Aurelian: He was a strict administrator. Fearing they may be executed, a few officials assassinated him.
Gaius Aurelius’ Diocletian: Committed suicide by poisoning himself.
Am I confident amid persecution?