Personification of Word

There is a small town along the shores of Bay of Bengal. A very few Christians lived there. They used to share the gospel of God’s love, which the town people summarily rejected. On December 26, 2004 tsunami hit that region and about 10000 people died. Rescue and relief operations were carried out by several NGO along with government. One team of doctors from US came to do medical camps and did their work along with Rotary club. At the end of camp, Rotary club organized a function to felicitate the dedicated young team of doctors. “We have not seen Jesus Christ. Today we saw Love in action, Christ in action. These doctors touched patients whom our own people will not touch, cleansed the wounds, lovingly bandaged them.” Yes, the found shape and size for the world ‘love’. In fact, Love was personified in these doctors. Until that time the people of the town had imagination or some idea in their mind. When the young doctors demonstrated or lived that love, they could see love personified.
The Nation of Israel had the revelation about the Messiah. Hence, to preach the gospel to Jewish people is to show that Lord Jesus is the Messiah. However, John living in Ephesus among the Greeks had to teach the gospel. Greeks believed in ‘logos’ – which is words, words of wisdom and words of reason. This abstract idea of logos became visible by personification in the human form – Lord Jesus Christ.
Apostle John declares that: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1) That Word became flesh or human. (John 1:14) The invisible God became visible in Lord Jesus Christ. God is Spirit and he took the form of human to reveal Himself to us. God was an idea understood differently by various people. In Jesus, the idea of God became human – to be seen, heard and experienced.
Yes, human ideas, aspirations, expectations, longing about God was personified in Lord Jesus Christ the incarnation.
Have I opened my heart for Him to dwell?