April 2021

Pomp or Power

There was a Youth Conference held in the central part of India. Two different speakers were invited. One was called a celebrity, came with pomp, and a music team. Usually, he took double the time he was allotted and thus robbed other speaker’s time. With different gimmicks, gestures, and speech with doses of mimicry he […]

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Different weights

One celebrity evangelist of global fame visited a city. He gave private appointments to few rich people who liberally donate to support his lavish lifestyle. Those rich people came in their BMW to the guest house, met him, gave offerings, prayed, took selfie, and left. One poor old widow came to know about the visit

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There is an interesting book ‘Guinness book of world records.’ Some like to achieve significance by doing something unique, could be crazy and weird to gain entry in that book. Lucky Diamond Rich spent over one thousand hours to earn a title: Most Tattooed man. He is one hundred percent tattooed that includes his lips,

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Funhouse Mirrors

In the malls, fairs, carnivals there are sections with funhouse mirror or carnival mirror. People go and stand before each mirror and could see their distorted figures. The figures could be short, fat, tall, elongated faces, and funny reflections. Instead of plane mirror, these mirrors are combination of curved, convex, concave mirrors. One fat man

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Mirror for soul

Mirrors have been a fascinating accessory for men and women throughout history. There are portraits, poetry, parables associated with mirrors. There are various superstitious beliefs associated with mirrors. One such belief: If a mirror falls and is broken, that indicates a death or some disaster to that home. Mirror always refuses to lie. It is

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