Poor oppressing poor!

An intelligent but poor man organized his own people to fight for their rights and dignity. He was educated and had ideas, charisma, and strategies. Many young people were attracted to him and they hung around him. Working hard in elections, they experienced a surprising win. His friends wanted to organize a victory celebration. The open ground near their home was nice place, but dirty. Either it should be cleaned or arrangement for sheets/benches for people to sit. The leader who had tasted victory and power said rudely: “All the while, where did they sit? These smelly, illiterate people? No need for any facilities. Let them come and sit there.” Close friends were shocked in the change of attitude. One who was bold said: “You are one among them, you came to power because of them. They hope to be empowered by you.” He said: “Now, I do not belong to them. I am a ruling elite. I have to treat them ruthlessly to make them understand, I am their boss.” Leadership for him was deprive people of power and lord over them.
Throughout the world poor people remain poor for a variety of reasons. One of the major reasons is betrayal of their leaders. “A poor man who oppresses the poor is a beating rain that leaves no food.” (Proverbs 28:3) Sadly, poor people are oppressed by fellow-poor, who is little smart, educated or cunning. Instead of raising his fellow people to higher standards, he retains the ‘status quo.’
Self-less leaders, servant leaders, caring leaders, compassionate leaders only could help poor people to move forward. Many missionaries have been servant leaders who raised the life of millions out of poverty, oppression, illiteracy and gave them equality and dignity. Christ followers always serve others – family, church, community, others, strangers and nations to raise them to better life.
Is the church contributing to Nation Building by producing leaders of high capacity, quality, noble character reflecting Christlikeness?
Do I serve with mind of Christ or lord over others?