Mirror for soul

Mirrors have been a fascinating accessory for men and women throughout history. There are portraits, poetry, parables associated with mirrors. There are various superstitious beliefs associated with mirrors. One such belief: If a mirror falls and is broken, that indicates a death or some disaster to that home. Mirror always refuses to lie. It is insensitive to the viewers regarding their preferences or choices. Its pictures are blunt and brutal realities.
James compares those who do not live according to the Word are like those who see intently into mirror but forget what they saw and still untidy or unclean. (James 1:22-24)
1) Read: Holy Scripture is to be read with sincerity, expectation and faith. God speaks, sheds light, searches and reveals.
2) Review: Bible in fact evaluates our life. Also, His Word exposes readers of their Faults, Failures and Flaws.
3) Remember: After reading; truths, teachings, reproof, rebukes, directions and warnings should not be forgotten. Also remember the love, death, burial and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ for our sins.
4) Repent: Repentance from willful sins, secret sins, unintended sins and sins of omission is essential, with the commitment to forsake all and not to repeat again. Repentance is feeling of sorrow for the sinful nature inside us and not just mourning for its consequences.
5) Reconcile: Repentance helps us to be reconciled with God. The peace that is beyond human comprehension will rule and reign our hearts and minds.
6) Rejoice: Repentance with sorrow and exercising faith brings reconciliation and great joy. We can rejoice always in the Lord. (Philippians 4:4)
Do I have the discipline of checking my soul in the mirror of Bible?